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(0-4 weeks old)

Initial treatment within first month of life


hEALTHY Beginnings osteo innitiatve.png

Why it was created: 
This initiative aims to normalize preventive care from an early age to ensure that infants have a strong and healthy foundation.

What to expect:
The appointment will include a comprehensive assessment and treatment by a trained Osteopathic Manual Practitioner to ensure optimal movement and alignment throughout your child's body. I can even perform an intra-oral assessment to ensure proper positioning of the hard palate (roof of the mouth), movement of the tongue and lips (to check for tethered tissue), and tonicity of facial muscles. 

Importance of osteo care at a young age:
Various factors, including fetal positioning in the womb as well as the type and speed of birth, can influence your child's motion preference or create misalignment right from the start. 
Even during a smooth vaginal birth, the baby is compressed and must rotate their head and drop their shoulder to move through the birth canal. 
Let's perform a quick checkup on your little one to make sure all is well.

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