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Osteopathic Manual Practitioner & Registered Kinesiologist

M.OMSc, rKin, BSc


Personalized patient care in an independent clinic setting

Welcome to JB Osteopathy ltd.!

My name is Jillian Bechtold and I am the owner and Osteopathic Manual Practitioner of the clinic. First and foremost I am a mom to an energetic little boy; but my second love is Osteopathy. I strive to provide a warm and welcoming atmosphere to everyone that comes through the door and to provide an opportunity for all patients to have their health concerns heard. 


I graduated with honours from the University of Waterloo with a major in Kinesiology, minor in Rehabilitative Sciences, and a pre-health specialty. I then began my career as a Registered Kinesiologist and worked in the field of orthopaedic bracing. I returned to school and completed a 4 year intensive program at the Canadian Academy of Osteopathy (M.OMSc) where I learned principle-based osteopathy. In doing so I have become a certified OOA/OSTCAN member.

The foundation of an osteopathic treatment is the interrelationship between anatomy and physiology, the structure and the function of the human body. When the structure is free of restriction the body can self-heal and self-regulate as it was designed to. Osteopathy aims to restore the body's mechanics, nerve impulses and circulation in order to nourish all tissues of the body for optimal health.

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  No two treatments are the same since no two people are the same.

Common concerns people seek osteopathic treatment for acute or chronic musculoskeletal injuries, visceral disorders and discomforts, pre & post operative rehabilitation, pregnancy & postpartum preparation and recovery, as well as maintenance of overall health and injury prevention. 

I treat all ages, even newborns!

Did you know osteopathy is covered by most major insurance companies in Canada?

Although I can only direct bill to certain companies, you will be provided with a full receipt which can be submitted manually for reimbursement. 

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